Ghost Town Redux – BTP Shoots the New Hot 8 Brass Band Video

This town lookin’ like a Ghost Town…

Hovering right round this, the 30th anniversary of the Specials’ hit, Ghost Town, the Hot 8 reached into their mojo bag and breathed out New Orleans brass band funk into this early 80’s punk anthem. Down here where we cry when they’re born and try to smile and dance when they pass – BLAM – The Hot 8 felt the ska beat’s a-tonal chords and dead on lyrics resonating as they look out and try to make sense everyday of what’s become of our home, New Orleans, this magical city – since the catastrophe of the flood. They listened hard and heard the reflections of our “new” New Orleans against the Specials’ Ghost Town from an England 30 years before: economic unrest, social upheaval, burning white hot in a furnace of violent change.

Watch the music video below: