The Down by The Riverside walking street parade on November 26, 2005 was the first big second-line (five hours long beginning to end), after the horrors of Hurricane Katrina. This soundscape features the Hot 8 Brass Band in the foreground and from time to time, at rests, at breaks, the To Be Continued Brass Band in the background, a prayer and an homage to the fallen great Mardi Gras Indians’ Big Chief of Chiefs, Allison Tootie Montana and a singing crowd trying to let go and be free all along the way.
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The Lost Hot 8 Recordings is an attempt to give back to the community what Dinerral gave to the world during his short stay on this planet as we all try to remember his soul and by this I mean his wondrous sound.

Remember His Sound

Hot Eight Brass Band Lost Recording Series: Flag Gang – The Last Big Parade Before Hurricane Katrina, a secondlne parade in 4 parts. Please check back soon for the second installment. » Download Part 1 (31mb) (includes audio, images, and story)


Super Sunday Parade

Dinerral Tuning His Drum

Hot 8 University of Michigan – Swamp Stomp Cut Sound Check

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The Hot 8 Brass Band Lost Recording Series
Flag Gang – Super Sunday 2005
The Sound Before the Storm

Just about a year before the parade, the virtuoso Hot 8 trombonist, Joe William, got shot and killed for nothing nobody who saw can figure to be right if you hear the tales officials tell for the why of it. There were many witnesses. Shot 14 times inside his truck, while his hands were up and sticking out the window like they’d bullhorned him to do – the bright white light on him, the police all around him with their loud lights and trained guns and horseshit stories for why it was right for them to shoot him down dead like that. These are the kinds of things that can happen in New Orleans.

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Performer: Dinerral Shavers of the Hot 8 Brass Band
Location: University of Michigan
Track: Sound Check

Right after Katrina, the Hot 8 Brass Band was invited up to the University of Michigan to give a concert and clinic. Save for the bitter cold, the gig went off without a hitch though the sound check took longer than anyone could have dreamed (Cliff got stuck in the elevator of the hotel). Still, as always with the Hot 8 Brass Band, even in practice they managed to lay down some great rhythm in preparation for the night’s show. This small cut features Swamp on the bass drum, with Dinerral Shavers coming in with his drum when he just couldn’t take hearing that Swamp beat go on without some snare work.

On Lundi Gras, 2006 we captured The Hot 8 Brass Band playing Sweet Lorraine’s, New Orleans’ famous jazz club. Inside the club there were still leaks in the roof and water marks on the walls and a blasted floor and chairs stacked up on busted tables in the back as they were trying to get ready for business. But for our recording purposes the disrepair added an element indicative of the Katrina aftermath we thought the band would be able to swallow and blow out beautiful in their sound. We were right. The Hot 8 came in round midnight after playing the Zulu parade and the Zulu secondline parade (which we recorded), saw the room had a couple of drinks and a smoke, tuned up and electrified us all with their big sound. The Hot 8 sizzled the sound waves with two dazzling sets before they stepped off stage come 4 in the morning. This would be the last recorded stage performance by the snare drummer Dick Shavers.

Listen to “DO IT FLUID” – a full select track from
The Hot 8 Live at Sweet Lorraine’s album.

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