Tomas Montoya

Ethnographer, Cuba Consultant, Photographer

Tomas Montoya Melodius Thunk

Tomas Montoya was born in the city of Santiago de Cuba where the wondrous ways of the Conga and the bi-annual Invasion Parades were a part of his daily bread. The mother rhythm of Cuban sound drives and inspires in a myriad of ways and in his years in Santiago close to the powerful vibration of this great cosmic force, Tomas found many illuminating questions to tap into, augment, and explore round the roots of this unsung Sonic source: He was a member of the National Council of the Hermanos Saiz Associatioin, technical advisory council of the provincial Directoratre of Culture in Santiago de Cuba, on the Organizing Committee of the Caribbean Festival of Santiago de Cuba, part of the Advisory Group of the Carnival in Santiago de Cuba, Chairman of the Festivals, Antonio Lloga (radio festival), Chairman of the International Film Festival in Santiago de Cuba among other hats he wore to better understand the auditory phenomenon swirling round his city.

When he moved to New Orleans he was shocked by the similarities and subsequently set out to create a cultural bridge so people could clearly see the connections he was witnessing all around him. Armed with this unique perspective, Tomas has taught at many prestigious universities across the United States including Tulane University in New Orleans where he is an adjunct professor in the Spanish and Portuguese Department. He is a PhD candidate at Oriente’s University in Santiago de Cuba.