Nelson Eubanks

Founder, Writer, Audio Engineer

Nelson Eubanks Melodius Thunk

Born in NYC, at the age of 6 Nelson Eubanks first started field recording the salsa bands playing house parties on Saturday nights in the Puerto Rican projects across the street. With a Panasonic cassette recorder he bought with his paper route money placed in his bedroom window just so, you could hear the wafting women’s giggles and the low pop of laughing men and whimpering babies and barking dogs and trumpets and trombones and flutes and saxophones and keyboards and claves and congas and bus engines and roaring subways and fire truck screams and police car wails and ambulance cries drifting along Columbus Avenue, echoing off the tall buildings and wide streets round 392 Central Park West into a beautiful amalgam of sweet sounds, the likes of which he has not heard any time before or since.

To better understand all of this, he got his Bachelors in History from Columbia University and a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco and then a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Columbia University’s storied writing department. After publishing his first book, The First Thing Smoking, a collection of connected short stories, he was still mesmerized by the power of sound, still walking the streets chasing that one rhythm floating through his head. When he watched the Twin Towers fall he left New York City and moved to New Orleans to follow and record the brass bands in the transcendent Sunday second-line parades and then after the floods of Katrina, began splitting his home time between surfing the big water waves of Kauai and the wondrous sound waves of New Orleans. Nelson has recorded parades, processions and sounds from the oceans, rivers, jungles, juke joints, clubs and streets from all over the world including, New Orleans, Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil. He has done sound for documentaries and been the soundman for New Orleans brass bands such as the Hot 8 Brass Band and TBC Brass Band. He is currently living in Salvador, Bahia where he is working on the sounds of the street parades and festivals of Salvador.