Jennifer A. Sachs

Social Media and Holistic Consultant

Jennifer A. Sachs is an award-winning Holistic & Natural Health Consultant specializing in Women’s & Community Body-Mind-Spirit Medicine. Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish & Women’s Studies from the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College of Tulane University, as well as Masters of Science in Public Health & Tropical Medicine (Postgrad) from the Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine in New Orleans, LA. She also holds a Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Barefoot Doctors Academy of Louisiana-Hawaii with Dr. Jim Berg, MD and Midwife Dee Ann Dominick, LCM. Combining her knowledge, skills, and passions, Jennifer works to fulfill a life mission of educating and empowering through Holistic & Natural Healing so that individuals, families, and communities may live with maximum wellness and ‘find their bliss’.

Jennifer works with diverse communities in an array of formats including symposia, mobile classrooms, and digital media. She integrates both academic and experiential education at the intersection of women, multiculturalism, environmentalism, and healing as a creative tool for positive change through wellness self-empowerment. Jennifer has launched Yoga & Wellness Clinics throughout New Orleans, serving a large clientele of musicians as well as artists, chefs, writers, teachers, collegiate athletes, parents and doctors. She regularly lectures in university, corporate, and community spheres, and consults on dozens of unique start-up projects including the New Orleans Uptown Holistic Center & New Orleans Natural Awakenings Magazine. She created and supervises Holistic & Natural Health groups online which serve thousands of international members, and writes as a guest blogger on various websites for women, healing, travel and music including NOLA Femmes.

In 2008 Jennifer served as a Community Producer for Eve Ensler’s “V-Day: V To The Tenth”, a 3-day global production featuring local and international creative arts celebrities and community members focused on ending violence against women (VAW) and inspiring well-women communities in New Orleans and throughout the Gulf Coast post-Katrina. Subsequently, Jennifer won a grant from V-Day in 2009 to continue expanding women’s social networking resources, both in the community and online. Additionally, Jennifer was awarded a Visiting Scholar & Practitioner appointment in Gender, Disaster, Recovery & Social Media at the Newcomb College Center For Research On Women of Tulane University in 2009. In 2010, Jennifer received special recognition in Gabrielle Mullem & Tim Watson’s, “The Music’s Gonna Get You Through”, an hour long documentary for PBS, that explores pianist Henry Butler’s impact on a group of blind and visually impaired teens who gather in new Orleans one summer to train with the master at his Creative Music & Jazz Camp.

A native Baltimorian, Jennifer moved to New Orleans to pursue her collegiate education, fell in love with the musical culture of the city, and has been proud to call New Orleans home for 20 years. Jennifer also owns and operates Rosie’s Cove, a Boutique International Casa, where she hosts travelers and guests from across the globe. At Blue Throat Productions, Jennifer is thrilled to be part of an incredibly diverse, passionate group of all-star talent and looks forward to serving as Director Of Women’s Production & Marketing.