Evan Clayburg

Artist, Designer, Web Developer

Evan Clayburg, Melodius Thunk

Evan, a Jack of the arts, is floating round the globe gaining experiences to empty into his art but if you’re lucky and you look close you might catch him on a stage with a bass, or on a porch with a guitar or in front of a canvas with a brush or hanging off a ledge with a can of spray paint in hand or down some alley, in some favella, in the middle of some tunnel, along some rails, at the back end of a lens documenting street art, or you might even stumble on Evan right round the corner in some fancy gallery decked out in all his fiery glory as the work of art himself. Evan gathered all of that good juju and poured it into several marketing and advertising agencies but realized he could be a greater force for good out on his own. Soon thereafter he started his own graphic design company, Clayburg Creative. Evan has a degree in graphic design and marketing from Bradley University in Peoria, IL, USA but found the fountainhead of the street to be his true muse for creativity and wisdom.

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