Alexis Sabourin O’Reilly


Alexis Sabourin O'Reilly Melodius Thunk

As a boy after his bed time he’d sit by the slit in his bedroom door late into the night listening to his father talking loud telling tales of a young Castro and a big sound from a mysterious city lost in the deep interior of the oeste of Cuba. His father, smoking hand rolled cigars, drinking good Cuban Rum, just back home on leave from the Cuban navy getting excited telling the tales of a master Mother Rhythm from whence all the rhythms of Cuba were born with 20 drums marching through the city streets and a strange tiny double reed Cornetta, part brass, part wood, the Chinois brought over the sound like a demon let loose onto the streets with thousands of people following, chanting and dancing and singing along to the drums and that snaky horn like the Indians in India play over the serpents slipping out the baskets. His father would try to play the beat on the kitchen table with his hands and then jump up humming the melody and do the slip sliding shuffled step the people danced in Santiago de Cuba and Alexis listened thinking one day he’d go to see this revolutionary beat in the city of his father’s birth and carry it out for the world to see.

Born and bred in Havana Cuba, Alexis finally got ahold of a video camera and felt his passion and like that could see his dreams start to appear before his eyes. He has been documenting the underground hip hop scene in Cuba for 10 years recording sound and visuals that would’ve gone without notice on the closed island save for his diligent work. Alexis has also been following the great conga players of Santiago de Cuba and the Invasion Parade, the sounds of his father’s and Castro’s youth for 7 years. In addition, he has recorded Red Bull’s BATALLA DE GALLOS, patrocitatin, has made underground hip hop videos for several underground hip-hop artist such as Los Aldeanos, Hermanos de Causa, David (Omni) and others. Recently he was part of the Festival “Poesia Sin Fin” protestando by Omni Zona Franca with 26 of the best Cuban rappers united in one song and video. Alexis now lives in Gissen, Germany with his wife and is a student at the University of Applied Sciences.

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