Backline Beats
Swamp Stomp - University of Michigan Sound Check  Featuring Dinerral Shavers  of the Hot 8 Brass Band

Swamp Stomp

Performer: Dinerral Shavers of the Hot 8 Brass Band
Location: University of Michigan
Track: Sound Check

Right after Katrina, the Hot 8 Brass Band was invited up to the University of Michigan to give a concert and clinic. Save for the bitter cold, the gig went off without a hitch though the sound check took longer than anyone could have dreamed (Cliff got stuck in the elevator of the hotel). Still, as always with the Hot 8 Brass Band, even in practice they managed to lay down some great rhythm in preparation for the night’s show. This small cut features Swamp on the bass drum, with Dinerral Shavers coming in with his drum when he just couldn’t take hearing that Swamp beat go on without some snare work.