Conga Series - Anatomy of the Parade

What’s the green leaf in people’s hair?

Albaca (basil) – people in the parade use the herb to cleanse the body and the spirit. Often used in Santeria rituals as a cleansing tool, people of the invasion parade use it to protect themselves from evil eyes because there are so many moving in the parade that folks say ‘ you’d better protect yourself against any evil spiritual force someone might throw your way,’ even if it’s just to avoid being caught in the path of one of these curses being hurled at someone else – Albaca helps keep the bad kind of funk from taking root on your person. Keeps the spirit clear and free to absorb the power of the drum.

Where does the rhythm come from?
What’s the green leaf in people’s hair?
What is the Invasion Parade?
What are the Visitations?
The Chants of the Conga
The Chakras of the Conga