Conga Series - Anatomy of the Parade

What are the Visitations?

It’s a friendly and organized way to get engaged, rehearse and fine tune a sound before the carnival. You have one month to get your drums in and out of the shop, organize your drummers, your cornetas and get the neighborhood pumped up and behind you for the carnival. 4 weeks before the carnival the 6 conga groups march through the streets, sometimes over 15 miles to do a drum battle in sound in another neighborhood. This is the first battle in the war for sonic supremacy decided during the Invasion Parade by the people of the parade and ultimately during carnival by way of an expert panel from the fraternity of this spiritual mother rhythm.

Where does the rhythm come from?
What’s the green leaf in people’s hair?
What is the Invasion Parade?
What are the Visitations?
The Chants of the Conga
The Chakras of the Conga